fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Coco Disc

Coco discs are pressed discs of carefully selected coco peat. They are suitable for gerbera cultivation, as well as for other floriculture crops and potted plants.

Coco discs consist of coarse coco material, which is made of the husk of the coconut. Cutting the husk creates an airy, easily manageable and powerful growing medium with good drainage properties.

Coco Peat Discs are made mainly for commercial use and are most suitable for home and terrace gardening. They are easy to use and are allowed to soak in water until the particles expands completely.

And it is also widely used for retail selling purpose across the world.

Size 10 x 2.5cm
Weight 65 - 135gm
EC Low EC & High EC
pH 5.5 to 6.5
Expansion 1L & 1.5L after water absorption
Particle Size 1mm to 6mm
Packing Individual Shrink wrap with labels. and unwrapped disc wrapped in woven bags / carton box

*Coco Peat disc can also be customized as per requirement

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