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Coco Peat / Coir Pith is the residue after the Extraction of Fibre from the Coconut Husk. Coco Peat is an Excellent Growing Medium and most suitable substitute for peat moss. It is an excellent soil conditioner and is being extensively used as a soil-less medium for agri-horticultural and hydroponic farming purposes. Coco peat has excellent oxygenation properties helping in healthy root development in plants. Better root growth results in better plant growth and higher yield. Being an organic medium it has high Cation Exchange Capacity allowing nutrients to be absorbed and released to the plants according to their need. Coco Peat has the ability to store and release nutrients to the plants for extended period of time.

Our fineGrow Coco Peat Growbags are made up of either 100% Coco Peat or a special blend of Coco Peat and Coco Chips. Growslabs are packed in high density UV treated Plastic bags( inner black and outside white ). Growbags are Environmental friendly with high water retention capacity.

Coco Peat Growbags are proven to increase the quantity and quality of many crops like Strawberries, Tomatoes, Bell-Pepper, Cucumbers, Capsicums, Cut flowers, Carnation flowers etc. Growbags provide better aeration and irrigation facilities which help in the faster growth of these plants. The growers can use this ready grow bags in combination with nutrients and other liquid fertilizers.

The Plant holes, Drip holes, Drain holes in UV treated plastic bag and Plant holes in compressed naked slabs can also be done as per customer’s requirement. We have excellent sieving/screening system which removes less than 1mm fine particles followed by removing stones using de-stoner from raw Coco Peat.

The Climatic condition and UV Radiation is not same across the world. For places with high UV radiation we provide Poly bags with increased UV stability to our customers. Similarly for places where UV Radiation doesn’t have any affect we advise our customers to use naked planks (i.e. without UV treated bags) which is cost effective.

Our fineGrow Coco Peat Growbags available sizes are,

Available Size
100 x 15
100 x 17
100 x 18
100 x 20

*Any other sizes can also be customized as per requirement.

Our fineGrow Coco Peat Growbags can be available in different mix as below,

Product Categories Coco Peat Coco Chips
fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Natural 100% -
fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Mix 80% 20%
fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Standard 70% 30%
fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Superior 60% 40%
fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Superior Plus 50% 50%
fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Premium - 100% (Size - 0 to 24mm)
fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags Premium Crush - 100% (Size - 0 to 12mm)

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