fineGrow Cocopeat Growbags 650gm Briquettes

650 gram briquettes are most suitable for home gardening, hydroponic growing and also used in nurseries as potting soil base. And it is also widely used for retail selling purpose across the world.

The briquettes weigh approximately 650 grams and are more finely compressed than the blocks so that transport can be organised more efficiently. Washed, buffered or unwashed coco peat is available in briquette form. Where packaging is concerned, various options are possible; on pallets, in cardboard boxes, sealed and possibly provided with a sticker or label; the choice is all yours.


  • Palletized and strapped
  • Individual Shrink wrap with labels.
  • Unwrapped briquettes or briquettes packed in woven bags / carton box.
  • Unwrapped loose stuffing
Size 20 x 10 x 5 cm
Weight 600 to 700gms
EC Low EC & High EC
pH 5.5 to 6.5
Expansion 9 to 10.5 ltrs
Particle Size 1 to 6mm
Compression Ratio 8 : 1

*Special blend of Coco Peat and Coco Chips can also be customized as per requirement

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